Easter with Mia Bella

Easter in Italy is called Pasqua.

Like all holidays in Italy, Easter, Pasqua, has its share of rituals and traditions.  Easter is a joyous celebration.

Since Easter marks the end of the Lent season, food plays a big part in many celebrations.  Traditional Easter foods in many places include lamb or goat, artichokes, special Easter breads and cookies that vary from region to region.  Pannetone and Columba (dove shaped) bread ,and cookies are often given as gifts as are hollow chocolate eggs that usually come with a surprise inside.

Our “Occasione Speciale”  box is a wondrous array of all six varieties of Amaretti cookies baked fresh and shipped directly to your door.  Imagine these delights arranged on your favorite Easter platter for all to enjoy!

Hurry up and order now, we bake till the 23rd of March!



Con Affetto,

Mia Bella


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