Buon Natale-Ricciarelli!

Mia Bella Baking Company Fine Italian Almond Cookies Celebrates Christmas with Ricciarelli

If you eat just one Ricciarelli you cannot keep yourself from grasping a second one, and so on…

Ricciarelli originated in Siena and are also called Ricciarelli di Siena. These wonderful delights are gluten-free, all natural delights that simply melt in your mouth. They are fresh and moist, characterized by the piercing smell of bitter almonds. Ricciarelli dates back to the fifteenth century and were reserved for the sumptuous banquets’ of the Lords because of the precious ingredients, mainly almonds and sugar.

Imagine they were so valuable and refined they were only sold in apothecaries along with drugs and the most exotic spices.

Mia Bella Fine Italian Almond Cookies is proud to announce our Ricciarelli is our number #1 selling Amaretti cookie. Our Ricciarelli is baked fresh to order, gluten-free, preservative free and all natural.

There is no better way to celebrate the holidays…Brew the coffee, put on the tea kettle, chill the champagne or break out your favorite wine or Vin Santo, our Ricciarelli will melt your troubles away.

Ricciarelli is available at www.miabellabakingcompany.com or toll free 855-521- 0888


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