Eat The Cookies! Mia Bella Fine Italian Cookies have arrived!

Best Authentic Italian Almond Cookies-Gluten-free, all natural.

Mia Bella’s story begins with our love affair with Italy, its people, culture, and food. Italian Cookies are enjoyed throughout Italy. Although we have many favorites, the Italian Almond Cookie (Amaretti) with its crisp outside and chewy inside quickly became our favorite. OMG! deliziosa! One bite of these tasty little delights and you are hooked. We had to create the magic for all to share!

Mia Bella CookiesImagine how delighted we were when our friend and chef agreed to bake our gourmet Mia Bella Brand Fine Italian Almond Cookies using his Nonna’s traditional old-country cookie recipes. Whether you are Italian or not, we all know our grandmother’s baked with love the old fashioned way. Our chef bakes with the same love and passion as his Nonna from the Puglia region of Italy did so many years ago. Our almond cookies are simply an explosion of taste in every bite. Don’t believe us? Check out our “outstanding” taste reviews on our Mia Bella Website and Facebook page. We guarantee you will delighted with your purchase! It’s that simple!

Our mission for the Mia Bella Brand is the sheer pleasure of sharing these wonderful almond cookie delights with everyone. If you are planning a Special Event/Wedding or just sharing with friends and family you are in for a unique “taste sensation” like no other. Pair these beauties with Prosecco, Champagne ,Vin Santo or your favorite coffee or tea drink, the flavor intensifies with every sip or bite. Now get ready to watch the “eye rolling with pleasure” looks as everyone indulges in one or all six varieties of Mia Bella Almond Cookies. Best to grab your favorite flavor before sharing, they won’t last long, you cannot stop at one!

Mia Bella Italian Almond Cookies are baked to order, handcrafted and baked in small batches. We use only fresh ingredients: natural gluten-free almond flour, farm fresh eggs/egg whites, premium natural flavorings and responsibly sourced nuts. Our almond cookies are so fresh, they actually leave a hint of powdered sugar around your mouth and that chewy center…Mama Mia Bella!
We offer six (Moiré per) “To Die For” varieties. Ricciarelli, Almond Gems, Biscotti A Riccio, Almond Finger, Pignoli and D’Elizie Di Eva. Our wonderful Mia Bella Fine Italian Almond Cookies are baked fresh to order and shipped anywhere in the US. SHOP

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