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Mia Bella Fine Italian Almond Cookies -Simply Elegant, Simply Decadent!


Fine tradition defines Italy and it’s cuisine – especially in Puglia, home to the generations-old recipes for Mia Bella Fine Italian Almond Cookies.

Decadent with rich taste, yet pristine, with all -natural, gluten-free ingredients, Mia Bella cookies showcase the best of Puglia, where centuries of evolving influence from Greece, Rome, France and Austria manifest in the regions’ amazing celebratory desserts.

Mia Bella Cheryl and Tom

Founded in 2014 by Cheryl & Tom Conklin, the Mia Bella concept was captured during Cheryl’s many trips to Italy. Cheryl was most entranced by the desserts of Puglia. And amaretti the favorite. Cheryl comes from a background in Fashion and Interior Design. Tom is an Attorney. Their yin and yang combined to create the Mia Bella Brand. They were entranced by the simplicity and artfulness of amaretti. Amaretti is based on what has been passed down through generations, made fresh by hand, using centuries old traditional secret recipes, unlike anything on the market today.

In the fall of 2015 Cheryl & Tom united with Chef Francesco to create the exclusive “trade marked” brand Mia Bella. With Chef Francesco’s family-inspired recipes, baking expertise and “State of the Art” baking facility, they knew they were on to something authentic and unique. Chef Francesco set the wheels in motion when he gifted Cheryl & Tom with these wonderful delights for their wedding in June of 2014. The guests began to empty the trays, filling napkins and purses for the ride home or midnight snack! Sadly, the cookies disappeared before the following mornings brunch.

Mia Bella FIne Itlian Cookies Wedding, Bride

The Mia Bella Brand is best suited for high-end parties, historic occasions like weddings, holiday celebrations, intimate dinner gatherings, unique gifting or any occasion where only “the best” will do.

Exquisite. Delicate. Packed with intense taste–yet delicately crispy. All six varieties of Mia Bella Fine Italian Almond Cookies share the same wonderful qualities. Handmade from an artful combination of gluten-free almond flour, egg whites, sugar and natural fruit. It’s that simple!

Look for Mia Bella Baking Company in The Knot and The Wedding Wire.

Mia Bella Raspberry Gems Fine Italian Cookies

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