New online store offers authentic gourmet Italian amaretti cookies

Fashion and design expert Cheryl Noble, who discovered the amaretti cookies during her own wedding reception, founded Mia Bella out of her love for Italy and how it honors its traditions through its cuisine.

Just in time for the holidays, a new Sarasota company is bringing the taste, tradition and style of Italy to America with a new website focused entirely on fresh-baked amaretti, the Mediterranean country’s trademark cookie.

Mia Bella opened its virtual doors in October, offering six amaretti cookie varieties baked to order daily and using recipes handed down through one Italian family for generations. All six varieties of Mia Bella’s luxe amaretti feature a combination of just five ingredients and come from the family tree of Sarasota’s Chef Francesco.

“I have always loved the traditions of Italy, and it means a lot to me that Mia Bella amaretti are using a historic recipe,” said company founder Cheryl Noble, a former designer who is also a regular visitor to Italy. “And I don’t say that lightly; anyone who knows me knows I am a perfectionist.”

Noble discovered the generations-old recipe behind Mia Bella amaretti cookies this year after Mucci provided a sampling of his amaretti cookies as part of a gift bag at Noble’s wedding reception.

“Everyone was talking about the cookies for days,” Noble recalls. “To this day, bringing these cookies to my friends is a joy, just to witness their reaction.”

So far, Noble’s promises of gourmet preservative-free amaretti cookies that stay fresh for weeks are backed by early customer testimonials. “Time stood still when I first tasted these cookies,” said Alexandra Stanciu, who ordered her Mia Bella from Romania. “Even after weeks of postage time, they tasted incredibly fresh.”

Noble’s love of Italian tradition is evident in Mia Bella’s luxe packaging. Traditional Italian touches such as pin ribbons and gelato containers are a theme throughout the Mia Bella line, and the Mia Bella website includes several nods to Italy and the Puglia area where amaretti are said to have originated.

Francesco, who already runs a brick-and-mortar biscotti business, bakes every Mia Bella order “fresh to order” daily. All Mia Bella amaretti cookies are gluten-free and preservative-free, and can be refrigerated up to 30 days. They are available in packaged selection of all six variety; in up to 12 of one variety; or in special orders of five pounds or more.

Packaging options range from a trademark gourmet bag, to Mia Bella’s signature gelato container, to a reusable silver holiday tin.

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