Valentine’s Day’s Italian Style! Fall in love with Mia Bella!

Mia Bella Fine Italian Almond Cookies introduces The Raspberry Gem!

We all think of Paris as being the city of romance, well I disagree. No other country expresses Amore in so many seductive ways other than Italy. Ti amo, mio tesoro (I love you, my darling). Italy is a linguistic paradise filled with delicious food and words, such as Amaretti meaning Italian Almond Flavored Biscuits. I think everything sounds better in Italian!

When I think about the most romantic holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day, I think about Italy. Italian’s celebrate love by giving their special sweetheart, sweets, gold, love notes and roses. I knew we had to develop something very unique and very special. It needed to be elegant, baked fresh, gluten free, sweet, wrapped in gold and finished with a very special heartfelt Amore message. I think we created the magic just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Mia Bella Valentine's Tins

One of my favorite Italian Almond cookies is the Apricot Gem. It is perfectly formed, dusted with sugar and filled with fresh apricot filling , wonderful for any occasion but not special enough for Valentine’s Day. The color red (rossa) makes me think about raspberries, rose petals, and Valentine’s Day cards with special love notes. And Gold, who doesn’t love shimmering gold!

Mia Bella is proud to present our Shimmering Gold Tin, filled with Italian Almond Raspberry Gem Cookies. Script your own personal love note….or our specialist will create one just for your special sweetheart. This exclusive trio is “Simply Elegant,” “Simply Decadent.” Sorry you will have to buy the roses and champagne! Imagine all three!

Fall in love with Italy, fall in love with Mia Bella! condividi l’ amore ( Share The Love).

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Con affetto,

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